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Notice of Annual General Meeting PDF Print E-mail
OBU News - Annual Events
Thursday, 17 October 2013 00:00

Upon the decision of the Old Boys' Union Council of Management, notice is hereby given that the adjourned Annual General Meeting

 of the St. Joseph's College Old Boys' Union which commenced on 30th June 2013, would be held on 03rd November 2013 at the 

premises of St. Joseph's College commencing at 9:00 am. Prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting, Holy Mass 

will be celebrated at the College Chapel commencing at 8:00 am.




9:00 am Convening of the Annual General Meeting

9:05 am  Reading of the minutes of proceedings prior ro adjournment

9:10 am Resumption of the Annual General Meeting

11:30 am Conclusion after singing the College Anthem followed by fellowship



Buddhike Payoe

Hony General Secretary

St. Joseph's College Old Boys' Union

September 2013

OBU Annual General Meeting adjourned PDF Print E-mail
OBU News - Annual Events
Sunday, 30 June 2013 19:41

The Old Boys' union Annual General meeting had to be adjourned today due to a legal issue brought up by Mr. Augustine on the Special General Meeting (SGM) held few weeks back. Mr. Augustine made this statement just as the Annual Accounts were to be discussed. He implied that the meeting has not been properly convened and 10 days due notice has not been given. Mr. Buddhika Payoe the Secretary said that the Notice has been published on the May 2nd and on another paper on a later date as required by the constitution. The SGM was held on the 11th of May 2013. While Mr. Augustine counted the gap as only 9 days the Secretary stated that the count is 10 days starting from the 2nd of May to 11th of May.

Though Mr. Augustine said that some had not got the notice through post it was explained that the notice need not be given by post as per previous constitution. 

The matter of contradiction is the first newspaper notice which Mr. Augustine insisted gives only 9 days notice as against the 10days stipulated in the constitution. This is the second occasion where the OBU AGM was affected by a legal issue.

The office bearers requested the members to approve the extension of the terms for 3 months when the legal opinions can be sorted to clear the matter and members duly informed.The members approved the same.

Note: This note has been amended.

OBU Dinner Dance on October 27th at the Hilton PDF Print E-mail
OBU News - Annual Events
Saturday, 14 July 2012 16:36

OBU Annual Dinner Dance will be held on Saturday the 27th of October at the Hilton. The committee appointed is working hard to make it a memorable event for all Josephians who patronize this event. The proceeds will be used to fund OBU projects including the Student safe drinking water project, Teacher Medical Insurance Project ( to cover all 180 odd teachers ).The OBU has understood that the welfare of the Teachers and Students are paramount in building a successful institution. Teachers who have contributed immensely to our lives should be appreciated. Parents and student should have the peace of mind that student will have cleaned, safe drinking water at college. The maintenance and testing of the Drinking water system will also be covered under the project. A pilot has been completed successfully. CISIR services will be obtained to assure the quality of water.

The Josephian dances of the last few years were a roaring success. Funds realized from the OBU Dances in 2009 and 2010 amounting to over Rs. 9 million were utilized to renovote the Bonjean Hall which was declared opened by the His Eminence recently.

 Await more details...

First Council appoints sub-committee Chairmans PDF Print E-mail
OBU News - Management Council
Saturday, 14 July 2012 16:08

OBU Council met on Monday the 9th of July and appointed Chairman's of 7 sub committees. Departing from tradition Council shows that it means business as stated at the AGM by convening an early meeting as against the usual first meeting in August. Upul Theverapperuma Elected Vice President said that by not having a Council meeting in July over 3 months of valuable time is wasted as previously the August meeting is only a fellowship, which means the work only starts in September. The Council will have a extensive planning session before the next meeting to finalize and approve the annual plan. Dr. Naiomal Perera, Elected Vice President said that the OBU Dance will be on the 27th of October 2012. He proposed Upul Theverapperuma as the Chairman of the Dance Committee which was approved unanimously by a show of hands. Upul said this is a late start to the Dance Committee as the previous committee's appointee has resigned from the post in June. He requested the support of all to make the Dance a successful and a memorable one.

The Committee also discussed the Josephian Walk 2012 extensively and decided to seek an appointment with Fr. Rector to discuss the same. The committee members expressed their views openly and most were of the opinion as it has been minuted quoting the Past Elected Vice President, that the Walk is a OBU project and funds will be remitted to an OBU account, the new committee should take the same stand.

By default Social Secretary will be the chairman of the Social Affairs sub-committee.

Dr. Naomal Perera' name was proposed by Upul Theverapperuma as the Chairman of the Josephian Parent Organization. The same was approved unanimously by the Council by a show of hands. The organization will consist of all current Josephian parents. 

Stefan Morais was unanimously appointed by a show of hands as the Chairman of the Student Affairs committee. Student Education, Sports and Co-curricular activities will come under this committee.

Brendon Morris was proposed as the Chairman of the Membership Development and Welfare subcommittee and approved unanimously by the house by a show of hands. Upul Theverapperuma proposed that a Josephian Batch organization to be formed to keep in touch with all batches and get their help in OBU matters.The same was approved unanimously by a show of hands. Brendon Morris will be in charge of setting up the organization along with the Membership Development and Welfare sub-committee.

The Council also appointed a Constitutional amendment committee with Upul Theverapperuma as the convener.

Other committees appointed include the Projects,Teacher Welfare, Public Relations.

 Await more details.......





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